The Benefits of Employee Health and Wellness Programs

Employee health and wellness programs have been steadily increasing in popularity for the past several years because of their ability to save companies money and encourage happier, healthier workforces. Company CEOs, owners and managers are all realizing the value of implementing these types of programs in their work places. Investing in their employees in this way proves to be beneficial for everyone involved.

employee_health_wellness_programsSo, what is an employee health and wellness program? The truth is that these programs will look different in every company depending on what kinds of activities and focuses a corporation chooses to adopt for its particular situation and group of employees. The goal of every program is similar. Providing employees means to achieve personal health and wellness goals, which, in turn will save their employers money on health care costs.

At Wellworks For You we offer a wide variety of unique program ideas which can be mixed and matched to develop the perfect employee health and wellness programs for our clients. This list is constantly being updated and expanded upon to offer our clients the best possible tools and most proven methods. Examples of the activities and program types we offer include:

  • smoking cessation programs

  • pedometer programs

  • lunch and learns

  • health coaching

  • health assessments

  • health fair management

  • incentive management

  • newsletter and bulletin development and distribution

  • onsite preventive screenings

These programs can all be managed by Wellworks For You, which means we’ll take care of the prior planning, the data tracking and the follow up. Our programs have proven successful in gaining high participation number and producing positive return on investment for our clients. We run programs for companies of all sizes and from all sectors and we are able to provide service in the U.S. and internationally. We’re ready to help you get started with your very own employee health and wellness program. To learn more or request services from our company, please contact us today.

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