The Benefits of Effective Corporate Employee Wellness Programs

What are Corporate Employee Wellness Programs?corporate employee wellness programs

Corporate employee wellness programs are initiatives by businesses to encourage the maintenance or improvement of employee health.  Whether short- or long-term, these programs often promote increased activity or better eating, as well as smoking cessation or awareness initiatives.  Some are single-day seminars while others create longer term goals and use competition or incentives to increase participation.

How Does This Benefit My Business?

Improving the health of your employees offers benefits at every level of the workplace.  It can boost productivity through fewer sick days and increased energy.  Creativity, often linked with overall wellness, will also see an improvement as stress decreases.  Because so many chronic diseases are preventable, helping employees maintain their good health can maintain or lower healthcare costs in the future.  Most importantly, when people are healthier, they have increased energy, focus, and happiness, which usually translates into a more positive and productive work atmosphere.

What Makes Some Programs Work?

The keys to successful corporate employee wellness programs are participation and engagement.  You can share the above benefits with all the enthusiasm in the world, but if no one shows up, or if interest fizzles out in a week or so–you’ve just expended energy to no real end.  You need a way to keep participants actively engaged in the program and their own progress.

Who Can I Turn To?

Wellworks for You assists employers looking to establish one of these corporate employee wellness programs with success.  They have developed a method that embraces this need for engagement, and with a variety of proprietary platforms, systems, and incentive management software, help you and your employees actively track results.  Whether you are looking to establish a long-term walking challenge, health coaching, or disease management training, Wellworks for You offers a variety of programs to inform and engage employees in their own health and wellness.

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