The Benefits Of Disease Management Programs

Wellworks For You is proud to provide your company with a wellness plan to keep your employees healthy and working hard. In discovering the benefits of disease management programs that we provide, you will be able to offer those at-risk and those currently in situations where disease already has found a way to run your employees’ life.benefits of disease management programs

What Makes These Disease Management Programs So Great?

There are many benefits of disease management programs such as:

  • Reduction in company costs due to absenteeism. With absenteeism becoming so regular, it is now expected, hence the use of “paid sick leave” that many companies offer, causing your company a lot of money. Absenteeism:
    • Reduces productivity.
    • Creates poor morale within the employee circle due to the redundancy of covering for absent employees.
    • Forms a poor standard of care in the goods or services your company provides due to employees becoming overworked.
  • Reduced healthcare costs & expenditures. A large part of our disease management programs are emphasized on prevention. With the utilization of our health coaching, incentive programs and many tools used to identify those who are at risk of disease, or in need of help with a specific disease or condition, prevention will become key to help save their health and money. Our programs provide reduced plan costs and improve the quality of care at the same time.
  • Increased quality of life at home and at work. At Wellworks For You, we develop relationships with your staff, encouraging them to create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, specifically designed to their needs. When your employees utilize and receive all the benefits of disease management programs we offer, their quality of life will reflect in the work they perform for your company. Production will improve, employee morale will boost, and these actions will affect those around them in a positive way.

If you would like more information on our Wellness Programs, specifically Disease Management you can visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-425-4657.

Benefits Of Disease Management Programs | Benefit Of Disease Management Programs