The Benefits of a Wellness Broker Program

A corporate wellness broker program should be established by a credible broker who has experience in business, health management and sales. Ideally, your business should partner with a reputable company that specializes in wellness management and has a proven track record of success. These types of business, such as Wellworks for You, can offer everything that an individual wellness broker could offer, but with the added benefit of the team approach to provide more in-depth, comprehensive service.

Wellness Broker ProgramWhen you’re looking for a company to run your wellness broker program, remember that you will want to work with one that has proof of past success. Ask to see case studies and specific metrics of success from other corporate programs that they’ve managed. Here at Wellworks for You, we are happy to share our results because we’re proud of the great work we do to help our corporate clients succeed in their wellness initiatives.

Whether you’re looking to have health risk assessments done for your employees, you want to start to implement wellness challenges in the workplace or you’d like to plan an annual corporate health fair, a wellness broker program can accomplish all of those goals for you. It is the job of your broker to help assist management and HR at your company in coming up with creative ways to incentivize employees and target helpful health topics that are relevant to your particular staff. We invite you to call Wellworks for You today and speak to a wellness management specialist about how our company can assist your corporation in pursuing a wellness program that could dramatically decrease your overall healthcare costs and a the same time, increase staff productivity!

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