The Benefits of a Health & Wellness Coach

If you’ve decided to implement a comprehensive wellness program at your workplace, let us just take a moment to affirm your decision. You will be impressed with the kinds of positive, lasting results that a well run wellness program can actually achieve. When employees are motivated and incentivized to pursue better health, they rise to the occasion. And the result is a happier, healthier, more energetic staff…and, of course, major health care savings for your company in the long run!health and wellness coach

For this reason, providing employees with the chance to have a health and wellness coach is smart and vital to the success of your program. Most people thrive on personal attention and motivation – which are exactly what a coach can offer. As your employees are going through the various challenges and requirements of your wellness program, a health coach can give them that extra level of personal accountability that is need to ensure 100% effort is given along the way.

What Can a Health and Wellness Coach Offer?

For some employees, a coach is someone who they can check in with from time to time to refresh their goals and review their progress. For others, their health and wellness coach will be the one to help them understand and process the results of their HRA or biometric screening. Following tests such as these, a coach has the unique opportunity to sit down one-on-one with an employee and discuss the significance of their results.

In sessions such as these, important decisions are often made and goals are set that would not have otherwise been established. Without the support of a coach, employees will find it easy to simply return to old habits and may lack the discipline necessary to continue pursuing a health lifestyle. By implementing a health and wellness coach component to your wellness program, you help ensure success for your employees, and ultimately, for your company.

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