The 3 Essential Aspects of a Winning Health Wellness Challenge

The drudge of a long workday can cause fatigue and stress–what you don’t want to see affecting employees for extended periods of time! The effects of fatigue and stress on your employees may include: errors on the job, a negative attitude, lack of motivation, and an inability to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Employers are increasingly discovering the positive effects of implementing a health wellness challenge in their workplaces. Health wellness challenges bring employees together in a fun competition that increases their activity level and can help improve company culture. Here are the essential parts of a successful health wellness challenge:

Make the Health Wellness Challenge Fun.

health wellness challengeDon’t let your challenge be viewed as another work chore! You can encourage participation and enjoyment by implementing a team-based program, and even up the stakes by creating intra- company competition. Establish the program so that employees can team up based on common sites and then report the aggregated results. Choose wellness activities that are popular within the company, and create options so that people can choose what best suits their interests. For example, teams could get points for attending a Zumba class or for a certain number of steps walked. The possibilities are endless!

Award Prizes.

Make sure that the participants are aware of the prize offerings, especially emphasizing group prizes for the team that wins. Free pizza lunch, gift cards, or a technological prize such as an iPad are examples of popular incentives for wellness programs. You could also implement individual and group prizes. To increase participation across the company, you might offer a “prize” such as a free paid day off for everyone who reaches a certain level of consistent activity throughout the campaign.

Find the Correct Length of Time for the Challenge.

This is an important tip because you don’t want your participants to lose steam. Think about the amount of time it would take to establish new habits without causing fatigue. 12 weeks is usually an ideal amount of time that fulfills these criteria. Consider also how often your company will hold these competitions, and what kinds of health and wellness offerings will be offered in the intermediary. It’s important to keep up the momentum!

For more information on how to implement the winning health wellness challenge at your company, check out our programming at Wellworks For You.