A Telemedicine Definition That Could Grow Your Practice

What have you heard about telemedicine? Coming from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, telemedicine is defined as “the practice of medicine when the doctor and patient are widely separated using two-way voice and visual communication (as by satellite or computer)”.

 telemedicine definitionOur telemedicine definition is all about you and how to optimize your practice to bring the greatest benefit to patients. Telemedicine means interactive heathcare over distance, using the best of modern telecommunications. Telemedicine is exactly what it sounds like–patients can see a doctor over video, with patient data being stored for the doctors for diagnosis and follow-up treatment. This growing practice can be vital for people living in areas without access to a physician specialist, whether you are in the Amazon or living in central Philadelphia.

Here’s an example of how a telemedicine appointment might work. Perhaps you have a terrible pain in your abdomen and you visit your general care practitioner, who advises you to visit a gastroenterologist in order to further examine your case. If you live far from the specialist or have trouble commuting, you can connect directly via telemedicine. From there, your gastroenterologist may advise you on steps to take, which could be especially helpful if you are living in an area with little access to modern medicine.

Major benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Cost savings for patients who cannot travel far
  • Confidentiality of the specialty visit
  • Appropriate stabilization of patients before administering treatment
  • Early diagnosis and prevention of major medical episodes
  • Immediate urgent care
  • Flexibility of patient education

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