Team Wellness Solutions For Common Workplace Issues

We all know that office life can be a little stressful, and more than a little monotonous. This is especially true in the summertime, when you’d much rather be in the park or on the beach than sitting at a desk.

When the office is struck with a collective case of cabin fever, it’s time to implement some wellness program solutions! Whatever the problem – from boredom and inactivity, to over-snacking and other unhealthy behaviors – you can be sure there is a corporate wellness solution for it.

Wellness Solutions at Work:


Team Wellness SolutionsProblem: Employees are feeling apathetic.

Wellness Solution: Take advantage of incentive programs, where your employees are rewarded for their participation in your company’s wellness program.

Problem: Employees are too sedentary.

Wellness Solution: It can be easy to get caught in the trap of inactivity when working a desk job. Encourage employees to get some exercise during lunch and whenever they can during the day with a personalized pedometer program. Design a custom route and “travel” throughout Europe, Africa and Australia.

Problem: Employees are smokers.

Wellness Solution: Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death. If you have smokers among your employees, help them quit. Provide access to a smoking cessation program to make a positive lasting change in their health. Informative, interactive and educational resources paired with onsite coaching and additional tools will help your employees become smoke-free once and for all.

Problem: Employees are snacking on junk food at work.

Wellness Solution: Besides replacing vending machine junk food with healthier alternatives like granola bars and nuts, consider bringing in a series of Lunch and Learn speakers. Lunch and Learns are one of the most popular team wellness solutions, and can inform your office on topics such as Healthy Foods on the Go and Quick Healthy Meals, in order to encourage healthy eating.

With so many programs to choose from, whatever issue may arise, we have a workplace wellness solution to solve it. For help implementing these programs in your office, contact Wellworks For You today.


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