Summer Side Dishes Can Be Your Best Friend - Or Your Worst Enemy

Summertime is party time! There seems to be a party or a cookout to attend every weekend. Not that we’re complaining, we all love to relax and hang out with our friends and family – but all these barbeques can take quite the toll on the beach body we’ve been working so hard on.

Summer SideNot to worry: with the right tools under your belt, you can navigate the treacherous
summer season with your healthy habits intact. No need to be embarrassed of serving your guests
healthy cookout side dishes, chances are that many of them are also craving something on the lighter side that won’t leave them feeling weighed down in the pool later. Here are some tips for a healthy summer BBQ success!

Healthy Summer Cookout Recipe Tips:

  • Pass (on) the Crudite: Simply placing a raw veggie platter on the table seems like an easy way to get people to eat their veggies. But have you ever noticed that those veggie trays seem to be just as full at the end of the party as the beginning? Let’s face it – raw veggie platters are downright boring. Take this tired summer side dish to the next level by playing with textures, arranging colors gradiently, and featuring fresh seasonal produce rather than the same old celery sticks.
  • Just Say No To Mayo: Who knows how it became customary to drench summer BBQ side dish recipes in mayonnaise, but the creamy (fatty) condiment seems to be a cookout staple. Substitute plain Greek yogurt for mayo in recipes for a much healthier option!
  • Fancy Fruity Drinks: Some people may not think of alcohol as an important summer cookout dish, but we’d beg to differ. Steer clear of high calorie mixed drinks like frozen margaritas – we know they’re delicious, but having more than one uses nearly your entire daily calorie intake! Try spiking iced teas or lemonades, and featuring fresh berries or fruit purees instead of added sugar.

You’re well on your way to having the best (and healthiest!) summer BBQ season yet! For more tips, and information on living a healthy lifestyle year-round, give Wellworks For You a call today!