Keep Yourself Feeling Spry and Fly—Five Spring Fitness Tips to Try

When spring has sprung, you’ll naturally want your exercise regimen to be fun. After all, everything is blooming and the sun is (sometimes slowly) making its way through residual winter weather. To keep your spirits and heart rate up, set your spring fitness regimen up for success by following our five, simple tips.

To Keep Yourself Feeling Spry and Fly Here’s Five Spring Fitness Tips to Try

Although spring is well-suited for outdoor, organized sports, such as softball, baseball, and even running, there’s many more spring fitness ideas to try. It’s not uncommon for the New Year fitness regimen resolutions of January to begin to lose their lackluster. To help you become re-inspired and make your workouts feel less tired, go get your groove on with these five spring fitness tips for success:

  1. Do What Works For YOU

    Ask a friend, family member, and even fitness expert what kind of exercise is best and you’ll likely receive several different answers. And, most of the feedback you receive will has value, truth, and solid reasoning behind it. Yet, perhaps upon attempting a strictly cardio, strength training, or yoga workout recommended to you, you ultimately become frustrated or bored. Everyone enjoys different types of fitness. Often, individuals will enjoy a combination of exercise regimens. Take time to discover what works for you, then make a fitness plan. If you force yourself to engage in a fitness routine you hate, you ultimately won’t continue.

  2. Have an Accountability Partner

    If number one already has you stumped or you lack conviction in your ability to maintain a fitness routine, hire a health coach, fitness coach, or find a friend who you know won’t let you off the hook. The advantage of hiring a coach is that he/she will not only hold you accountable; he/she will provide encouragement, nutrition tips, and insights into your overall health and wellness.

  3. Fitness Outside the Box

    Boredom is the sad byproduct of a tired workout routine. Sometimes all you need to get back to your first fitness love is to take a break. Try something new to challenge your mind and body. Do something outside your comfort zone. If you’ve never climbed a rock wall, climb one. If you’ve never sprinted using a parachute, pull that ripcord! If you’ve never done yoga with goats or in a hammock, give it a go.

  4. Spring Workout That’s a HIIT!

    High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has become a growing trend, but the concept behind HIIT has long been in existence. HIIT is founded in the idea of utilizing shorter, more high intensity workouts to burn fat and strengthen muscles. Think jump squats, sprints, mountain climbers, and burpees.

  5. Make Fitness Work at Work

    What is one of the biggest deterrents for taking time to exercise? Time! What better way to encourage spring fitness than by incorporating opportunities to exercise at work, or with your coworkers. Whether it’s hiring a fitness instructor to come in to teach a Groove dance class, yoga session once a week in the breakroom or parking lot, or simply taking a group walk during the lunch hour, camaraderie, healthy competition, and accountability can provide you and your work buddies the push you need this spring.

Workout Tips for Year-Round Wellness

Bumping up a spring fitness routine is a positive and encouraging mid-year refresher. For more ideas like these and additional ideas to inspire health and wellness in the workplace, Wellworks For You has an abundant amount of offerings. From small business to expansive corporate entities, we have customized comprehensive programs to accommodate the specific needs of your company.

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