Shape Up For Summer...The Easy Way!

Time is ticking and swimsuit season is just around the corner! Are you ready? If not – don’t fret. There are a variety of ways to lose weight and get beach-ready. From running miles to eating only celery, there are endless ways to lose weight and get that flat belly you need for those hot summer days.  We think shaping up for summer shouldn’t be a painful process that will ruin your spring. Here’s how to shape up for Summer the easy way!

Summer Shape-Ups That Are Easy To Do


Shape-Up-SummerEverything you need to know about shaping up for summer doesn’t have to consist of stressed out, miserable days! Being healthy should be something you enjoy, and not something you dread. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can shape up for Summer, without losing your cool.

Start Off Your Day By Stuffing Your Face

First of all, we are not telling you to eat whatever you want right after you wake. No matter when you eat, always be sure you’re eating healthy, natural foods.

A professor of nutrition and exercise at Skidmore College shares one of the biggest summer shape-up tips: people who eat their big meals before 3:00 PM are more likely to lose weight than those who eat bigger meals later in the day. Make dinner light, and lay off the second helpings.  If you need a late night snack or you’re starving between meals, juicing is a great option.

Exercise is Exercise

Let’s face it – we’re all different. Our bodies respond differently to specific exercise routines. We suggest to take note of the specific areas that you want to improve on. Write down your goals, and with each workout, write down your improvements. Use a tape measure to measure your hips, waist, arms, thighs and chest. Eat plenty of protein and carbs to keep you energetic and muscles growing.

There’s no all-in-one, flat-tummy, summer shape-up plan. Do what works best for your body!

Don’t Be Afraid To Sleep

One of the biggest mistakes that people make, whether or not they are shaping up for Summer, is that they do not get enough sleep. Whether or not you think that you don’t need enough sleep – let’s get one thing straight. Sleep is imperative for recuperating from your day. When you sleep, your body is recovering from the day, growing muscle, repairing tissue and synthesizing hormones.

By going to bed early, you’re also more likely to wake up earlier the next day. Many successful people get most of their productive tasks completed in the early morning. Exercise being one of them.

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