Why Should You Consider Onsite Preventative Screenings?

Because chronic diseases can be prevented through the early detection provided by health care screenings

Did you know that Americans access preventative health services at roughly half the recommended rate? This is problematic because such services are essential when it comes to the early detection and prevention of chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

These diseases correspond to every 7 out of 10 deaths in Americans, and are responsible for 75% of American healthcare spending.

Many Americans fail to pursue preventative health screenings due to financial barriers including co-pays and deductibles. You can remove this financial obstacle by offering your employees onsite preventative health screenings, which may in turn increase productivity rates and reduce healthcare costs within your workforce.

To learn more about preventative screenings, fill out this form to access “What Happens During An Onsite Preventative Screening?” an infographic designed by Wellworks For You. We’ve compiled this 3-minute read to give you a comprehensive understanding of the value of preventative healthcare. This offer outlines:

  • The processes that take place during a preventative screening
  • The benefits of implementing preventative screenings
  • How to effectively practice wellness strategies in your work environment

Now can be your opportunity to effect positive life change and save your business valuable time and money!

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