How Health Coaching Can Revolutionize Your Wellness Program

Now that you have the data from your employees’ health risk assessments and biometric screenings, what can you do with all those numbers? Well, it’s time to put them to use and start truly generating a positive ROI from your wellness initiatives through the powerful tool of health coaching!

Introducing the comprehensive backend platform that provides your health coaches with seamless organization and tracking capabilities. The Coach’s Corner tool – a newly designed part of our customizable client web portal – can truly do it all!

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When you fill out the form on the right to download our free ebook, “How Health Coaching Will Revolutionize Your Wellness Program,” you’ll not only learn about the importance of health coaching in general, but we’ll explain the highlights of the Coach’s Corner system.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of Just a Few Benefits:
  • Quick access to employee data
  • Central location for storing notes/records
  • Ability to share PDF files
  • Micro and macro goal setting tools for coach and employee reference
  • Easy integration with other areas of the portal

It’s time to give your wellness program a boost and provide your employees with that extra motivation they need. And why not achieve long-term financial benefits for your corporation in the process?

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