Real Change Through Walking Programs

Save money.  Feel better.  Be more productive.  Get sick less often.  Lose weight.  Did you know that getting started on all of these goals can be as easy as putting one foot in front of the other?  When you help your employees get started on one of the walking programs offered through Wellworks For You, you give them access to amazing, positive life changes that benefit themselves, their families, and your business.

Walking Programs

Walking programs are among the most accessible corporate wellness programs available to businesses like yours.  Most of your employees probably already spend some time walking each day, even if it’s as short as the distance between the car and the office.  However, if they are able to boost their walking time to even thirty minutes a day, they will begin to reap some of the many health benefits of regular exercise.  Even if you aren’t ready to institute a full walking program, be sure to share the encouraging information about the many benefits of building more walking into your daily routine.

However, if you are ready to incorporate an exciting, challenging program into your office’s corporate wellness strategy, be sure to check out the Pedometer Program offered by Wellworks For You.  By integrating the latest technology with good, old fashioned walking, you can help your employees track their progress as they reach their goals.  Additionally, this program can provide the added inspiration of virtual tours through exciting scenes, such as Europe or the Australian outback.  Even if employees are unable to get outside to walk, this program adds an adventurous element to keep them going.

Are you ready to learn more about this and other walking programs offered by Wellworks For You?  If so, contact one of our corporate wellness representatives today.  We are dedicated to promoting wellness at work and throughout life!  Call us today at 800.425.4657.

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