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Corporate wellness programs can only gain so much engagement on their own. Some people in the office might get excited right away and participate. But others may need some more encouragement to start owning their own wellness journey. Wellness programs are great, but their success depends on how well they are implemented. Wellness incentive programs are the perfect way to supplement your wellness program. If you’ve never tried them, now may be the time to try something new in the office.wellness incentive programs

Wellness incentive programs increase engagement right away. You can choose a few ways to include wellness incentives in your wellness program. First, you can use positive incentives to get people more engaged. This rewards employees for reaching certain goals or reaching a desired result. Positive incentives are usually well received. There is no penalty involved, only positive rewards. You could offer incentives for participation to allow for everyone to benefit, as well as more specific and personal incentives. Incentives could include health insurance premium reductions, cash bonuses, paid time off, gift cards, or small gifts.

You could also utilize negative wellness incentives. These types of incentives penalize employees for not participating or engaging. This includes health premium increases, reduced benefits, job sanctions, and even salary reductions. For the best results, you could try combining both positive and negative wellness incentive programs. This strategy can truly benefit your wellness program by rewarding those who are engaging and penalizing those who are not. Many companies use wellness program incentives in the context of increasing healthcare costs across the board but then offering options to employees to reduce their costs through participation.

If you’re interested in adding a wellness incentive program to your wellness program, contact Wellworks. We’ve seen great success with properly implemented wellness incentives. Visit our website to learn more or contact us directly.

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