5 Meatless High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

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Wellworks for You knows that protein is a critical component for feeling satisfied and staving off hunger throughout any weight loss effort. Unfortunately, many eating plans center their high-protein options around meat and seafood, leaving the vegetarians and sustainably minded among us hungry and searching for creative alternatives. If you count yourself among these–or if you’re just looking to break a meat-dependent routine!–here are five guilt-free, easy-to-find high protein foods for weight loss success.

5) Green Peas: 8g protein per 1 cup serving (118 calories)

protein foods for weight lossWith nearly 100 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C intake in a single cup, peas help your immune system thrive as you shed those unwanted pounds. Compound that with high fiber, blood sugar regulation, and heart health promotion, and you have a powerhouse of nutrition in every single serving. Fresh is always best of course, but petite frozen peas will do in the off-season. Or for double the protein punch, give dried peas a try!

4) Pumpkin Seeds: 9g protein per 1 oz. serving (158 calories)

Besides being a good source of protein, pumpkin seeds contain healthy fats, high levels of fiber, zinc, and magnesium, and insulin regulation properties. Not only are they one of the great high protein foods for weight loss, but pumpkin seeds are also rich in tryptophan, so eat a handful of them with your dinner or shortly before bedtime for an extra good night’s sleep.

3) Sprouted Whole Grain Bread: up to 12g protein per 2-slice serving (140-220 calories)

Yes, bread! This nutrient-dense treat begins with sprouting, a process wherein the grains are soaked in water and allowed to germinate (thus increasing their lysine and other nutrient levels and decreasing the starch content). A combination of folate-rich lentils, protein, and healthy grains like barley and millet come together to create a base for your favorite sandwiches that won’t break the scale.

2) Lentils: 18g protein per 1 cup serving (230 calories)

Intensely satisfying with a nutty, earthy flavor, lentils are fast becoming one of the tastiest and most popular high protein foods for vegans and vegetarians. Their high nutrient content also promotes heart and digestive health, blood sugar stabilization, cholesterol management, and increased energy levels. Excellent in soups, salads, and even plain, this versatile legume will keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours, despite their relatively low calorie content!

1) 2% Greek Yogurt: 20g protein per 7 oz. serving (150 calories)

Due to its association with dairy and delightful creamy goodness, yogurt may be one of the most underestimated high protein foods for weight loss. Probiotics like those in yogurt can up to double the average weight loss rate, particularly in women. Yogurt helps to ramp up metabolism while boosting immune system, but to get the most from your yogurt, be careful to read the labels; many popular brands are loaded with added sugars or artificial sweeteners, both of which can neutralize some of the food’s best benefits.

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