Promoting Health at Work: 5 Simple Tricks

For some employers, promoting health at work can seem a daunting task.  If met with any resistance, it’s easy to want to give up.  But what if it doesn’t have to be a fight, or a dry and boring topic that you dutifully bring up in weekly company meetings.  

There are many options that can be of service to you while promoting wellness at work.

Here are 5 things you can implement now to promote workplace wellness:


→   Provide preventive care

Bring the doctor in for an on-site health clinic for your employees.  It reduces time needed away from the office for doctor’s appointments, and provides employees the easily accessible opportunity to have an exam that they may not otherwise take.  This new trend in employee wellness at work has begun showing a positive return on investment for employers.

Also consider offering flu vaccines at the workplace.  If possible, cover the cost of the vaccine and offer it right in the office.  The minimal cost of paying for this service will be far outweighed by the amount saved from employees that do not have to miss work for days (or weeks!) on end due to the flu.  

  Highlight Education

Utilize lunch times or break times to bring in an expert in a specific area of health.  Have a brown-bag lunch once a month and bring in a chef to demonstrate healthy cooking ideas and tips, or an expert to speak on stress management techniques.  Even consider providing classes for yoga or tai-chi, with incentives for the employees who attend.  

  Encourage exercise

Many local gyms will partner with you to offer discounted memberships for your employees.  Often the cost to you is minimal.  You can promote exercise by implementing a lunch hour walking club and incentives to employees who participate.  

If facility changes are possible, even consider providing a shower and locker room for those who wish to use their lunch hour for physical activity.  Offer secure bike parking for those who desire an active commute to work.  

  Provide healthy snack options

We all know that the “munchies” are likely to hit in the middle of the afternoon.  Don’t set your employees up for failure by only providing junk food options.  Stock the snack machine with trail mix, nuts, whole-grain crackers, and other healthy options.  Provide a fruit basket that is well stocked with quality fruit.  Consider removing the soda machines and replacing them with sparkling water or juice.  

  Invest in incentives

Offering incentives, whether monetary or recognition-based is an excellent way of promoting health at work.  Many employers have begun to offer discounts on insurance premiums for employees with good biometric testing results.  Other options include prizes for program participation, gym memberships, company recognition, and many more.  Wellworks For You has more great incentive ideas for promoting workplace wellness on our blog.

As always, Wellworks For You, is here to help your workplace thrive through health and wellness.