Promote Employee Health in Your Workplace

Wellworks has adopted the mission of helping workplaces provide opportunities for employees to become and stay healthy. Corporate wellness in the workplace is becoming more and more important. You may not know how to encourage your employees to be healthy, but we can help. Employee health is one of our main goals. Some companies have tried half heartedly by replacing junk food in the vending machine with slightly healthier options or building a corporate gym. But activities or small changes will not affect the culture of the workplace. Changing the culture and the environment is what truly brings about personal, lasting change and healthy employees.

employee_healthEmployee health can become a reality if encouragement and motivation are provided. Our programs can help employees become healthier by exercising, eating right, and quitting bad habits like smoking or overeating. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are connected and that combination equals healthy employees that are more motivated and productive. If you want to make a solid investment into your employees’ health levels and the overall success of your business, consider contacting us so we can set up a corporate wellness program for you.

If you remain dedicated to employee health, your worksite wellness program will be a success. You will end up saving money on healthcare costs, your employees will miss less sick days, and everyone will be healthier and feel happier. Though the return on investment for these types of results is often priceless because you will literally be improving the quality of life for the individuals who work at your company. However, the results will also certainly mean significant annual savings for your corporation. Contact us if you’re interested in helping your workplace become a place of wellness. We work with a variety of clients and look forward to talking with you soon. You are taking the first step on the journey of wellness and you will love the results.

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