Health Coaching

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Not sure where or how to begin to make changes in your daily life? Are you ready to take charge of your life by eliminating unhealthy behaviors and making your health a priority?

Our Philosophy

The Wellworks For You health coaching philosophy utilizes techniques and methodology from the health belief model and the transtheoretical model. We have adapted these models to enhance our successful corporate wellness offerings.

Through a system of assessing the individual’s readiness to change, collaborating on goal setting, building a trusting relationship, and educating the individual, the Health Coach will help improve their overall health.

Employees are more likely to make lifestyle and behavior modifications when they speak one-on-one with our Health Coaches. Our team will work with your employees to set goals and facilitate change. A proven way to lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and lower workers’ compensation premiums is through health coaching.

We have various coaching models to meet the goals of any organization:

  • Onsite Health Coaching – A certified Health Coach will provide one-on-one private sessions onsite for employees regarding a variety of topics, including weight management, nutrition, screening results, stress management, etc. Pricing is determined by quantity and frequency of onsite Health Coaches per year.
  • Telephonic Health Coaching (Incentivized Inbound) – Include health coaching sessions as part of your incentive program structure. Participants would schedule sessions via the Wellness Portal and complete a certain amount of calls to earn credit towards the program. Pricing is determined by the number of expected coaching calls per year.
  • Telephonic Health Coaching (Risk Management Strategy) – Design a custom risk management coaching strategy for your population. Baseline or comparison data is required prior to structuring the program. This coaching strategy is only available when used in conjunction with the Know Your Number Assessment or other risk assessment tool. Pricing is determined by the number of expected coaching calls per year.
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