4 Preventive Health Screening Recommendations

Let’s face it: most people wouldn’t voluntarily line up for a cholesterol or blood pressure test just for fun. Preventive screenings aren’t many people’s idea of a good time.

But having a routine health screening performed is much, much more pleasant than dealing with the devastating effects of a health issue or disease that could have been prevented.

preventative health screening recommendationsPreventive health screenings can help patients identify their individual risk for particular diseases or health issues. And catching a disease in its early stages or identifying a looming health complication in its warning-sign stage can make the difference between successful treatment and serious illness…or death.

That’s why the health-and-wellness experts at Wellworks For You are proud to offer some of the most effective, efficient screening services available. And it’s why we’ve compiled this list of preventative health screening recommendations.

The Most Essential Preventive Health Screenings

Health screenings are beneficial for preventing numerous deadly diseases and conditions. Listed below are four preventive health screening recommendations that are particularly critical for prevention.

  • Health Essentials
    Essential preventive screenings that analyze patients’ health include regular blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol testings.
  • Cancer Screenings
    Offering cancer screenings can help to prevent potential cancer threats from advancing. Commonly recommended cancer screenings include mammograms and colonoscopies.
  • Healthy Behavior
    Eating, exercise, and behavioral habits have an enormous impact on your long-term health. That’s why it’s important to offer screenings and support for healthy eating, exercise routines, smoking cessation, and other lifestyle considerations.
  • Vaccinations
    A key part of comprehensive health screenings is ensuring that all vaccinations, such as measles or tetanus, are current. Vaccinations are an essential component of preventative health.

Incorporating these preventive health screening recommendations can ensure an effective screening program–and effective health screenings in turn help to ensure healthy lives. To learn more about screenings, contact Wellworks For You today!