Practice Positive Reinforcement With Employee Wellness Incentives

The return on investment of workplace wellness programs has been proven over and over again. By now it is well known that healthy employees cost their employers less in health care costs. Implementing wellness programs to nip unhealthy habits in the bud are saving employers a fortune. The healthier an employee is, the greater the savings for their employer.

 employee wellness incentives However, people’s lifestyles, whether good or bad, are deeply ingrained, and changing them can be challenging. Luckily, everyone loves to be rewarded for good behavior, or at least to have it acknowledged. This is where coming up with fun challenges and employee wellness incentives can play a big roll.

An easy first step to a healthier workforce is simply educating your staff on what a healthy lifestyle looks like (and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t look like.) For some people, this may be enough to spur them towards change. Most people though, will probably need a little more motivation. Making participation mandatory will likely backfire, as employees may resent it. Therefore, your wellness incentive program needs to walk a fine line – encouraging, but not requiring, employees to change. Make the whole experience enjoyable and you’re bound to reap great results.

Employee Wellness Incentive Ideas:

  • Financial Rewards: Not necessarily handing cash to your employees, but rather making contributions to their health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs.)
  • Days Off: Consider using time off as an employee wellness incentives. Be it an extra vacation day, or implementing a “flex time” work schedule, a little more time to enjoy time off would be greatly appreciated.
  • Contests and Challenges: Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and Wellworks For You has a wide variety of Wellness Challenges to help engage employees.
  • A Healthy Feast: Just because you’re encouraging your employees to adopt healthier lifestyles doesn’t mean they can’t eat good food! Host regular “healthy feasts” featuring healthier versions of favorite party foods.

No matter which employee wellness incentives you choose for your office, you want your employees to know that you are committed to their health and well-being. For help on implementing a comprehensive wellness program for your workplace, contact us today!

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