Get Ready to Bear Down and Get Fit with Easy, Yet Challenging Outdoor Workouts

No matter where you reside, there’s always a Goldilocks time of year primed for outdoor workouts—not too hot, not too cold—just right! And, in addition to enjoying perfect weather, exercising in the great outdoors comes with several added benefits. While being surrounded by some of mother nature’s finest offerings (rather than gym walls), exercising outdoors can also provide a much-needed dose of vitamin D, fill your lungs with fresh air, and doesn’t come with a monthly fee. Find out how to maximize your outdoor workouts that are easy and fun, but equally challenging (in just the right ways.)

Bear Down and Get Fit with Easy, Yet Challenging, Outdoor Workouts

Don’t let the word “easy” fool you. While these exercises may be easy to implement, they will challenge your body in the best possible ways.

Bench Climbers

outdoor fitnessThis is a variation of “Mountain Climbers.” Instead of having your hands planted on the ground in a plank position, locate a favorite park bench and put yourself in a plank with hands on the bench seat. Now, bring your right knee into your chest, then place your right foot back to meet your left. Alternate on the other side, bringing your left knee into your chest and then bring it back to meet your right. If you can, speed it up as if you were trying to run uphill. Try to get to 30-second intervals on and off for a minute. Not only is this a good cardio workout, it will strengthen abs, shoulders, and legs.

Yoga Stretches

Yoga isn’t for sissies. If you’re seeking to strengthen your core, become leaner, improve balance, and refine mindfulness, take your yoga mat to the nearest patch of grass and get started with a few simple stretches. Start with a few downward-facing dog poses. Your body should look like an upside-down “V” with your hands firmly planted on the mat, around shoulder-width apart. Work to get your feet hip-width apart and as close to the mat as possible. Pedal out your feet to help stretch the calves and hamstrings. When inspired, adjust your body into a plank position. From there, practice cobra and then upward facing dog. If that feels too easy, challenge yourself by learning the ten steps of sun salutations.

Hill Sprints

As outdoor workouts go, hill sprints will help you to burn calories rapidly, while also helping you to build strength. Before you find yourself a hill, take a few minutes for a quick warm-up jog on flat land. After completing your five-minute warm-up, take the hill at full speed. When you get to the top, rest your heart rate by walking back down the hill before you attempt your next charge. Twelve is your target number to reach the full metabolic workout of hill runs, but until you get to that point, work your way up one uphill run at a time!

Jump Squats

No mats, benches, or hills required for jump squats—just you, your legs, and glutes. Squat down, with your bum and knees parallel (like your preparing to sit down on an invisible chair), then hop straight up. Make sure to keep your back straight and that most of your weight is resting in your heals, rather than toes when you’re in the squatting position. Try working toward five sets at a time.

Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Workouts and More

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