Online Fitness Challenge: Driving Results, Delivering Benefits

Technology continues to push the boundaries of normalcy in every aspect of our lives.  With it the world has opened up.  Things that once were difficult and out of reach, are now only a click away.  

For example, if you wanted to learn proper exercise techniques, perform a variety of moves, and receive fitness assistance 30 years ago, you either paid a high monthly fee for a gym membership or bought a clunky VHS tape that quickly became a monotonous routine.

6329433f5ba61c12_yoga-online.xxxlarge_2xNow it’s as simple as an online fitness challenge!  Online fitness challenges consists of a group of people with a similar goal, whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, run a marathon, etc.  The concept is simple, but wildly successful.  

Some online fitness challenge groups even require a small registration fee, which is then rewarded back to those who meet the prescribed goal in the end.  This monetary motivation has proven highly successful in many fitness challenge groups.  

But other online fitness programs experience success despite the lack of financial reward.

Why Does an Online Fitness Group Work? 3 Benefits

  • Motivation – What is more motivating than seeing someone else (possibly even much more out of shape than yourself) push themselves toward a physical goal?  The achievable success of others gives hope that you too could accomplish physical fitness.

    And while faceless communication can engender rude comments, in the case of online fitness challenges, it provides a mountain of benefits. How many times has someone yelled to you, “I did awesome on my workout today!” It simply doesn’t happen because people operate under much more caution and decorum in person. But online…well that’s another story. Numerous exclamatory statements stumble out and excitement catches, bringing much-needed motivation.

  • Accountability – An online fitness challenge provides a quick and easy way to check in, receive accountability and get the support you need.  If you haven’t logged on in awhile, other members may notice and send a question your way.  If you comment with a setback you’ve had, you’ll receive understanding and encouragement, along with a push to do better next time.
  • Community – A surprising result of online fitness challenges, the sense of community has become a big draw for these groups.  A fitness challenge group can provide connection, tips, encouragement and even friendship.  

Incorporating online fitness challenge ideas into your wellness programs at work can prove to be a strategic move in accomplishing a healthier work environment.  Encourage employees to find a fitness challenge group online they would like to join, or consider starting one within your own company.  It may bring a greater sense of teamwork and community even within the office.

For more fitness ideas and tips, call Wellworks For You at 800.425.4657.  Our team is happy to help you determine the best wellness programs for your company.