Create a New Culture Through Office Wellness Activities

Since the groundbreaking idea of Malcolm Stamper at Boeing in the 1970’s concerning a company’s responsibility to place top priority on their employees’ state of health and safety, many advancements have been made towards health in the workplace.  Today, it’s only the rare small business, or stagnant mid-size one, that does nothing to improve and encourage employee wellness.  Corporations and businesses all across the nation utilize wellness programs that include office wellness activities, lunch and learn educational seminars, and subsidized gym memberships, making their strides towards health and wellness considerably noticeable.  

office wellness activitiesAnd while some businesses may feel as though they face a brick wall with every new wellness initiative they present, others are finding success in a slightly more deepened focus.  Instead of producing office wellness activities, educational resources, and health programs that focus on merely the outward health of the individual, successful corporations are switching their shift to creating a ‘culture of wellness’ and, even deeper for some, a ‘culture of purpose’.

 By diving into the psyche of what every human being craves – purpose and meaning – this shift in company wellness has provided exactly the results that companies have been searching for.

This involves less of a compulsory biannual attempt at health and much more of a desire to customize and create an environment from which each employee can benefit.  This culture of wellness becomes a core part of the company, revolving around the concern for the individual, rather than a means of coercion for the sake of saving the company money.

A Mindset Shift May be What Your Company Needs

As business managers and health coaches begin to view their platform as one that can
induce a life-change, not simply the cessation of smoking or the logging of miles, office wellness activities start to take on a new meaning and purpose.  While programs such as smoking cessation and daily exercise are still an integral part of an individual’s – and a company’s – wellness, these are not the end goal.  A life that is driven by a thirst for wellness and a realization of purpose becomes the ultimate goal to achieve.  And when that happens, all the details simply fall into place.   

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