Why Start An Office Fitness Challenge?

Don’t your employees have enough work already without having a fitness regime dumped on them, too?

There are several ways to look at the question of whether or not to introduce an office fitness challenge.

office fitness challengeOne perspective begs the question of whether the benefits are really worth the costs. Afterall, your employees are tired, workplace fitness challenges would take up valuable office time, and funding for such a program would have to be found. These are important cons that should be considered.

However, there’s another way to look at office fitness programs. Consider this: not only do such programs carry significant pros, but many of their benefits actually solve the very cons we’ve mentioned.

A Closer Look At Office Fitness Challenge Pros and Cons

Let’s consider the above stated costs or downsides of introducing fitness programs to your workplace–and the corresponding benefits that just might make you rethink your hesitance.

  • Tired, Disinterested Employees
    It might be true that your employees are unmotivated and disinterested in their work; this might lead you to conclude that an office fitness challenge would be a flop with minimal participation. However, a lack of activity and poor fitness may be the source of the office lethargy. Research has repeatedly shown that better health and increased activity improves mental and emotional health and strengthens focus and motivation.
  • Time Is Money
    While you may be concerned about losing company time, improved health and wellness has likewise been shown to increase productivity. Healthy workers are better, more efficient workers–so a fitness challenge is a time investment that ends up saving company time through increased productivity.
  • Fitness Programs Cost Money
    Healthier workers are more productive. More productivity means better corporate business earnings. But the reasons why fitness programs can actually be a smart financial investment aren’t limited to increased productivity. Another major factor to consider is the money your company can save on employee health care down the road by encouraging wellness and preventative health measures (like increased fitness) today.

It’s clear that the pros of office fitness programs outweigh the cons. So if you’d like to make an investment in your employees and your workplace that will truly pay off, ask the health and wellness experts at Wellworks For You about starting a fitness program in your office–they’ll be glad to help.