Offering an Educational Wellness Newsletter

Wellness newsletters are a great tool and resource for health tips, new recipes, and medical information to be broadcasted to a large network. Many corporations are now choosing to offer in-house health newsletters in order to provide health education to their employees as well as stimulate an office culture of wellness and health. A wellness newsletter should always be encouraging and educational to the intended audience. They should include health tips, workout routines, healthy recipes, safety related articles, and even information about your current corporate wellness program. Wellworks would like to offer you some tips about creating your own educational corporate health newsletter.

Wellness NewsletterCompany wellness newsletters should be formatted and attractive to the eye. If you are going to produce a wellness newsletter once a month or every 2 weeks, then make them short and simple. If you are going to produce them twice a year, then they can be longer. Make sure all the information in the newsletter is actually relevant and helpful to the intended audience. Look around your workplace and figure out what your general staff demographics are and then plan for the newsletter accordingly. When considering your intended audience, you can also choose what method of delivery would be best. You can distribute the newsletter on paper in the office, in the mail, through email, on your company website, with paychecks, or in a variety of other ways.

Enlist some other employees for feedback on the newsletter before it gets distributed. Ask for feedback on appearance, formatting, usefulness, interest, or any other category you need to double check. Wellness newsletters should be straightforward, so make sure any medical or technical jargon is clearly explained in clear language. Highlight certain articles that are more important or longer. Make sure that your wellness newsletter goes out on time. Deadlines are important, especially since your readers may come to expect the newsletter every Thursday or on the first of every month. You can build a following by being reliable, trustworthy and by offering helpful, relevant information.

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