How valuable is providing nutrition advice and health tips within the workplace? Statistics have identified 117 million Americans as having a modifiable chronic disease largely due to poor eating and fitness patterns. Offering employees healthy eating tips and other wellness strategies may not only improve wellness in the workplace, but also overall healthy habits and mindsets. At Wellworks For You, we help corporations establish employee wellness programs to create a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace.

Seven Strategies to Encourage Healthy Nutrition at Work

The combination of long work hours and busy home lives doesn’t typically encourage nutritional eating. Lack of time often leads to quick fixes—and fast food, overeating, or not eating the right kinds of food can be a common fallout. To help set employees up for success, the Wellworks For You online Wellness Portal offers a nutrition dashboard, an e-learning series, corporate lunch and learns, and more. This portal is full of nutrition advice and healthy eating tips, like the ones listed here:

  1. Eliminate Multitasking During Lunch
    Typically, multitasking is embraced in the workplace. When it comes to lunchtime nutrition advice, however, experts say it’s better to focus simply on the meal. Eating slowly and mindfully can prevent overeating and weight gain and actually aid digestion.
  2. Simmer Down Sodium Intake
    Sadly, quick vending machine grabs and many fast food options are high in sodium. Although they’re tempting to turn to during a busy workday, sodium-rich food is best to avoid in order to maintain a healthy heart.
  3. Drink Water All Day
    Not only is consuming water the best way to stay hydrated, it also can help make you feel fuller. At least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day is recommended for best health practices. Keep a full water bottle at your desk, and take note if you seem to be snacking less.
  4. Pack Your Lunch
    Packing your own lunch means having control of exactly what and how much goes into your bag.
  5. Scrutinize Portion Size
    While you can control portion sizes when packing lunch yourself, it’s more challenging when dining out. If you do go out for lunch, be mindful of the portion sizes. A helpful bit of restaurant nutrition advice: ask if your server could box half of your meal before bringing it out to you. This has become a more commonplace request as awareness of appropriate food portion sizes continues to increase.
  6. Curtail Caffeine Consumption
    On drowsy days at the office, nothing is more tempting than going on a caffeine run. A little caffeine won’t hurt, but too much can cause sleep problems and tummy troubles, which, in turn, will impact your overall well-being.
  7. Evaluate Your Motives
    Boredom, fatigue, and stress can all trigger hunger. When the urge to snatch a candy bar strikes, think it through: Would a sweet apple with crunchy peanut butter serve as a better satisfier of this craving? Or a brisk walk around the building? Sometimes, shifting your mindset or engaging in physical activity can derail eating when your body truly isn’t in need of food.

More Nutrition Advice and Wellness Strategies

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