Use your New Year Resolution to help you recover from the all the stress and parties of the holidays.

We are in the midst of the holiday season–a wonderful time of year. But, there’s also a downside — during this exciting, festive, indulgent time of year, we often neglect some of our everyday healthy habits. We tend to eat more, and eat more of the unhealthy stuff. We often fall out of our exercise routines. We might not get as much sleep as we should. And, because of this (and other reasons), it can be a stress-inducing time of year as well.

The holidays bring joy and light in the cold, dark winter, and afterwards we are sometimes left feeling a little…blah. So, what better time to make a New Year resolution that will help you to feel healthier and happier in the coming months?

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Here are some New Year resolution ideas to start the year off right and bounce back from the holidays!

5 New Year Resolution Ideas to Recover From the Holidays

The New Year is a great time to improve your health and get in shape. While you can start making improvements at any time during the year, it is always nice and helpful to have a set starting point–one that keeps you from saying “I’ll start tomorrow.” However, when many people set New Year goals, they make unrealistic and unattainable demands of themselves. This leads to frustration, and, too often, failure. As you consider different New Year resolution ideas, think about manageable goals and incremental steps. Plan out how you are going to obtain your goals, and be prepared to fall short from time to time. Don’t just give up because you missed one day of exercise or ate something outside of your dietary plan.

  1. Buy a membership for a new fitness regime: Before the New Year even gets here, sign up for classes or a gym membership. Try yoga, spinning, or kickboxing for the first time. Having the membership will help incentivize you to stick to your resolution. Figure out how the classes will fit into your schedule–can you make one class a week? Or three?
  2. iBlog 2 12-16 img.jpgPlan a workout routine with a friend: For extra accountability and motivation, convince a friend to join you in your New Year resolution. Set goals, and hold each other accountable, OR, better yet, plan to do workouts together. Get together once a week or every day to do yoga, go for a run, or head to the gym!
  3. Drink more water: This is a nice easy one. It is amazing how many people don’t drink nearly enough water each day! Consuming enough water is extremely important for your body to function properly and for you to feel good. The Mayo Clinic recommends that on average men should drink 13 cups, or 3 liters of water per day, while women should drink 9 cups or 2.2 liters per day. Using a 1 liter water bottle and taking it wherever you go makes it easier to keep track.
  4. Quit smoking: You probably already know this, but smoking is terrible for you. Quitting isn’t easy, so be sure to get medical assistance and emotional support. (Not a smoker? Maybe there’s a different bad habit you could quit. Do you stay up later than you should? Watch too much TV? The New Year is a great time to make a change!)
  5. Eat healthier: Variations of this New Year resolution idea are extremely popular each year. But often they are too extreme–giving up all desserts, all sweets, all junk food, etc. While you may remain strong for a few days, weeks, maybe even months, in the end you will probably give in. Make a more reasonable goal, such as eat a serving of vegetables with every meal, reduce your meat consumption, or limit desserts to once a week and special occasions.

Whatever your New Year resolution ends up being, try to focus on choosing something that will make you happier and healthier–not miserable. Contact Wellworks for You for more ideas for how to get fit and healthy.