The idea of mindfulness at work sounds like a positive strategy. When it comes to how to implement mindfulness in the workplace, however, are there proven strategies to reduce stress, help improve focus, and bring about other benefits? There are! Studies demonstrate that employers can help employees gain stability, productivity, and listening skills by offering mindfulness training and resources in the workplace.

Strategies For Incorporating Mindfulness at Work

When discussing mindfulness at work, what does the concept really mean? Mindfulness at work, or really anywhere, centers on the concept of “being present in the moment.” From a more clinical standpoint, it’s a practice that encourages improved cognitive skills and stress reduction through special psychological-based training and strategies.

Mindfulness strategies can include:

  • Eating foods, especially those shown to have positive mental health outcomes
  • Breathing exercises to slow the heart rate and center the mind
  • Scanning the body for sources of stress, pain, and agitation
  • Journaling to help alleviate heightened emotions
  • Stretching to help ground and center the mind and body

Some ways that companies approach mindfulness in business and in a work environment can include:

  • Health Coaching

At Wellworks For You, part of our employee wellness program offerings includes either telephonic or on-site health coaching. Mindfulness is one of many strategies a health coach can offer. Through one-on-one sessions, employees can learn practical, simple strategies such as breathing techniques, meditation, and observation exercises to help encourage mindfulness at work.

  • Lunch and Learn

Another popular option that many companies choose to help promote mindfulness in the workplace is to host a professionally-led lunch and learn. Mindfulness at work presentation allows employees an opportunity to gain real-time, applicable skills from an expert. In addition to a certified health coach, a psychologist, psychiatrist, or another mental health professional, can add value by sharing tips on how to practice mindfulness during stressful work situations.

  • Health Fair

Often, human resources managers think of health fairs as opportunities for preventative health screenings, and while they certainly do provide those opportunities—they can also help promote mindfulness strategies at work. Health fairs can be a perfect caveat to distribute information and resources on stress-reducing, focus-improving, relationship-fostering mindfulness exercises, tools and action steps.

Seven Benefits of Mindfulness Training and Tools Employers Don’t Want to Miss!

No matter how an employer delivers mindfulness at work techniques, the benefits are clear! Multiple studies show that by introducing mindfulness strategies for the workplace, everyone in the work environment benefits—in several ways. Take a look!

  • Stress Reduction

By practicing breathing exercises, journaling, and other mindfulness strategies at work, data reflects that employees can lower their blood pressure and even strengthen their immune system by practicing stress-reducing exercises.

  • Pain Diminishment

People who utilize mindfulness meditation have been shown to report less pain and continue to remain active despite experiencing pain.

  • Relationship Cultivation

Individuals in the workplace who engage in active mindfulness build better relationships and often exhibit greater empathy and compassion (essential for positions in leadership)!

  • Brain Booster

Memory, attention span, and focus are all benefits that can result from practicing routine mindfulness.

  • Stability Reinforcement

Employees with mindfulness exercises at their disposal are more apt to be stable and less liable to be emotionally triggered.

  • Mood Enhancement

Those who practice mindfulness tools have effectively been able to improve their mood, helping to elevate and contribute to better workplace morale.

  • Group Skills

While mindfulness practices help cultivate positive, healthy relationships, certain mindfulness techniques can encourage group skills and improved collaboration between co-working departments and teams.

More Ways To Maximize Mindfulness at Work

At Wellworks For You, we’re always coming up with new approaches to help companies of all shapes and sizes to accomplish their health and wellness goals. Mindfulness is simply one facet of how we can help businesses to increase productivity, educate employees, and create an overall healthy work environment.

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