Between bagels, muffins, and donuts served during morning meetings and that seemingly bottomless office candy bowl, it can be hard for employees to maintain wellness at work.

The workplace doesn’t have to be a labyrinth of tempting sugary, high-calorie, carb-heavy snacks. Learn how incorporating healthy lunch ideas at work can facilitate your company’s path toward wellness.

How can a Company Incorporate Healthy Lunch Ideas at Work to Improve Wellness?

healthy lunch ideas at work

According to recent studies, Americans prove to work some of the longest hours of all countries with high GDPs: on average, Americans work two hours longer than the nearest economically competitive countries! At Wellworks For You, we understand the challenges that come with working long hours, while also striving for optimum wellness (including fitness and nutrition) in the workplace. That’s why we specialize in providing customizable corporate wellness programs so that you have the tools necessary for a healthy work environment. Demonstrating how to eat healthy meals is yet another way that we can help you reach your wellness goals.

Tips and Tricks For Healthy Lunch Ideas at Work

  • Prep lunches for the week
  • Opt for healthy whole foods (fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats)
  • Avoid unhealthy processed foods
  • Research easy healthy lunch recipes (freebie ideas below!)
  • Try a healthy grab-and-go lunch swap with friends at work – each person preps a couple meals to exchange at the beginning of the week

Put These 3 Lunch Ideas in the Bag

To help provide a jumpstart to better wellness in the workplace, let’s look at some specific recipes for healthy lunches:

  1. Wrap it Up! – Instead of a boring sandwich, switch it up by using a whole grain tortilla. Choose a protein, such as meat, tofu, or even peanut butter and add fresh lettuce, avocado, tomato, onions, cucumbers, or any other veggies and healthy fats and wrap them up. Or, you can even skip the whole grain tortilla and make a lettuce wrap. Mix up a healthy vinaigrette and pour, or put it in a small container to dip during lunch.
  2. Chopped Salad – Chopped salads are versatile and hearty. You won’t go hungry with one of these salads. Chopped romaine lettuce, chicken, fresh tomatoes, avocados, chickpeas, corn, feta cheese and a light dressing of your choice makes for a healthy and satisfying alternative to a drive-thru lunch. There are other substantially filling chopped salads variations to explore as well, like Caesar salads and cobb salads!
  3. Better Burgers – No one says burgers have to be off limits when you transition to a healthier lifestyle. Begin by substituting a turkey or veggie patty in place of high-calorie beef. Pair with a whole grain bun and add delicious fresh produce, and you’ve got yourself a healthier burger. For fewer carbs, or for a gluten-free version, you can even drop the bun and enjoy a protein burger wrapped in lettuce.

Looking for more healthy lunch ideas at work and healthy low-calorie lunches to take to work? Call our experts at Wellworks For You, at 800-425-4657 for more ideas on how to maximize wellness in your workplace.