3 Lunch and Learn Topics Your Employees Will Love

What’s the number-one hindrance to most corporate wellness programs?

Engagement. We are all adults, and we don’t enjoy being made to feel like we are children being lectured to. “Eat healthier!” “Lose weight!” “Go to the gym!” After a while, the platitudes of wellness begin to fall on deaf ears.

lunch and learn topics A successful wellness program remains fun and exciting by consistently offering new tools for participants to use in their health and fitness goals. One of the key features of these programs is interactive presentations on a variety of lunch and learn topics. After your workplace gets settled into a regular lunch and learn schedule, it can be useful to “crowdsource” ideas from your employees on wellness topics they are passionate about. If you are just getting started with corporate lunch and learns, try one of these ever-popular topics.

Top Lunch and Learn Topics to Ensure Engagement:

  • Healthy Foods on the Go: This topic remains a popular lunch and learn presentation because in today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s always relevant! Consider bringing in a nutritionist for a hands-on cooking demonstration of quick, easy, healthy recipes your employees can whip up with their limited time. Most of us want to eat more healthily – we just need to learn how.
  • Stress and Time Management: Our jobs are often our number-one cause of stress – so it only makes sense that our jobs teach us how to manage it. Bring in an expert to teach your employees to identify the sources of their stress, and how to either manage, minimize, or eliminate the stressors entirely.
  • Physical Activity at Work: It can be easy for employees to become resentful of a wellness program that encourages them to be physically active, while at the same time, their job requires them to sit at a desk for hours each day. Recognize that you see this discrepancy, and hold a lunch and learn presentation on staying fit at work. There are stretches and exercises that can be done at the desk and in the office. Empower your employees to be able to succeed at work without sacrificing their healthy lifestyle.

These are just a handful of lunch and learn topics offered by Wellworks For You – for more information, or to schedule a presentation, give us a call today!