Foster Growth With These Lunch and Learn Ideas

Looking to add a new aspect to your company’s wellness program?

How about trying out some lunch and learn ideas and making these presentations a part of your corporate culture?

Employee lunch and learns are a great way to foster community and growth in the workplace. Less formal than most training and seminars, the casual setting of a lunch and learn presentation facilitates education in a fun, relaxed way. Take a look at the following tips to get the most mileage from ongoing office lunch and learns.

Top 3 Lunch and Learn Ideas and Tips:

  • Lunch and Learn IdeasBe Relevant – Don’t waste your time organizing a presentation on a topic no one in your office is interested in, or that won’t benefit them. For example, if no one in your office smokes, you wouldn’t host a presentation on smoking cessation, right? Ask for suggestions, or send out a short email survey with some potential topics to gauge interest.
  • Create Routine – We are creatures of habit. Decide how often you want to hold lunch and learn presentations – weekly, monthly, quarterly? Once you narrow down when you’d like to hold your lunch and learn events, be consistent in conducting them at the same time and day of the week so that they become a part of your routine, and something employees can look forward to. `
  • Follow Up – Strive for lunch and learn longevity, by creating useful handouts and facilitating follow-up discussions on each lunch and learn topic. Keeping the momentum going after the presentation will make people more excited to attend future events, and become more engaged in the learning experience.

At Wellworks For You, we conduct 30 or 60 minute lunch and learn workshops on a variety of topics. Our speakers are experts in a variety of health and wellness subjects who can provide educational tools while facilitating interaction. Some of the most relevant lunch and learn topics of late include:

  • Good Fats vs Bad Fats – from unsaturated and saturated fats, employees will benefit from knowing what fats to consume more of, or alternately, which fats to avoid
  • Seasonal Topics – fitness, nutrition and activities to promote good health utilizing each season’s finest offerings
  • Stress and Time Management – because stress and time management typically affect everyone in the workplace, have an expert in organization and stress reduction provide solutions
  • Quick Healthy Meals – when many work 40-plus hours a week, finding the time to orchestrate a five-course meal, let alone a healthy one, is a tall order. Employees will appreciate ideas for quick meal fixes
  • Physical Activity at Work – yoga in the breakroom or workplace patio? A team walk or jog during lunch? Office chair exercises? Learning specifics on all that and more will make a difference in the attitudes and ambiance of your employees and their workspace
  • …and many more!

To learn more about our lunch and learn ideas or the comprehensive programs we offer at Wellworks For You, give us a call today: 800-425-4657.