Best Lunch and Learn Ideas

While walking lunches and weight-loss challenges are great ideas, these activities may not have a long-lasting impact in the workplace.

Once the weight loss competition is over, does everyone go back to their old habits and diets? Do people decide it’s too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer for walking lunches? New lunch and learn ideas provide an opportunity for all employees to take advantage of information, healthy strategies and practical initiatives that can be practiced in the workplace and beyond. Check out these three inspired ideas to transform workplace boredom into bountiful, healthy and encouraging attitudes about wellness:

3 Awesome Wellness Lunch and Learn Topics

  1. Lunch and Learn ideasBalance in Work, Life and Play – consider bringing in an expert to supply employees with relevant, applicable and helpful tools to achieve overall balance. A health and/or life coach can provide tips on organization, time management and how to carve out reasonable and adequate recreational, relaxation and family time.
  2. Food Portions 101 – did you know that the appropriate portion size for chopped vegetables or fruit is the equivalent to the size of your fist? Or, that one serving of pasta is equal to one ice-cream scoop? Chances are that most people don’t know the correct portion amounts. A professional nutritionist can help to inform employees of how to make better dietary choices and shift perspective on reasonable food portions.
  3. Financial Workshop – almost everyone appreciates direction and enlightenment when it comes to how to be financially prosperous. Bringing in a financial advisor who can help on topics from money management and investment, to saving for retirement will be greatly appreciated and help reduce stress among employees seeking solutions to financial disparity.

No matter what you choose, the key is to hire an engaging speaker who is an expert on the topic and allow lots of time for a lively Q&A session at the end.

Benefits of Topical  Lunch and Learn Ideas

Lunch and learn ideas are one of the best ways to get employees talking and inspired about wellness. Creative lunch and learn ideas can be a tangible and fun way to re-ignite positive health practices in a stagnant work environment. They are also a means of putting a face to your company’s wellness program or wellness challenge of the month. Experts can share key information, teaching employees why wellness is so important and it matters. Wellness is not just a workplace challenge or program here and there: it is a healthy, satisfying way of life.

With that said, a topical corporate lunch and learn presentation has the potential to spark interest in striving for better health practices in the workplace and beyond. If you’d like to consult with one of our Wellworks For You experts in wellness lunch and learns ideas or learn more about our comprehensive wellness programs, contact us today, 800.425.4657.