3 Creative Lunch And Learn Ideas For Wellness

A corporate Lunch And Learn can be an engaging means of encouraging employees to become more involved in health and wellness.

Providing Lunch And Learn ideas for wellness that are topical, relevant and offer practical information have the power to motivate your workplace and even improve morale.

At Wellworks For You, we know that this can be a challenge for many corporate wellness programs. Not anymore! Check out five corporate lunch and learn topics to engage your audience and affect positive health and wellness results.

Lunch and Learn Ideas for Wellness Leading to Lasting Results:

Stress Management – Stress comes with the territory in even the most serene of workplace environments. Consider having an expert in stress and time management fuel the workplace environment by supplying employees with practical skills such as meditation, breathing and organizational techniques to promote balance and productivity, while reducing stress.

lunch and learn ideas for wellnessWorkplace Fitness –  A corporate Lunch And Learn focused on physical activities or stretches that can be done at the desk provides strategies to break free of many of the downsides of sedentary desk time. When your whole team learns these techniques together, everyone will benefit from the collaborative effort to break the bonds of immobility. Beyond the desk, workouts like yoga, Pilates and even some types isometric exercises can be done as a group workout during a break or lunch hour – without getting too sweaty! Bring a certified instructor in to teach a special “work-time” routine.

Seasonal Sessions – Finally, each change in season creates the opportunity for a newly relevant corporate Lunch And Learn. Focus on exercises or recipes that reflect the new season – outdoor fitness in the spring, urban gardening in the summer, DIY home improvement for fall, and weather-proofing your home in winter.

Add Value with Two Bonus Lunch and Learn Topics

Local Activities  – Bring in a local fitness and/or recreation expert to share the finest offerings surrounding your own workplace backyard; from hiking trails, biking excursions to canoe trips and rock-climbing opportunities. As an employer, you benefit from discovering resources and locations for your next team building exercise or employee appreciation event.

Nutritional Suggestions – Could there be a better topic for a lunch time meeting than food? Employees will go bananas over a live chef demo (and sampling!), “month of meal planning,” and any additional nutrition/meal based creative lunch and learn ideas. Cooking with the seasons is another great theme. Offer a Lunch And Learn on seasonal recipes using snap peas and melons in summer or pumpkin and nuts during autumn.