Have You Tried These Lunch & Learn Ideas?

Many workplaces use regularly scheduled lunch and learn presentations as an effective way to educate and engage their employees on a wide array of wellness topics. Done right, these presentations can create a greater awareness and spur to positive action on important subjects like “Smoking Cessation,” and “Stress Management.” However, if executed poorly, a lunch and learn lecture can fall flat, and leave employees feeling that their employer has just wasted their time. If you take our best lunch and learn ideas into account, your presentation is bound to be a success!

Our Top Tips For a Successful Lunch and Learn Presentation:

  • Buy Lunch: First things first – if you’re asking your employees to spend their lunch hour at a lecture, you’d better buy them lunch! Choose healthy catering options – after all, you can’t try to teach healthy habits while munching on fast food!
  • lunch & learn ideasBe Relevant: If you don’t have any smokers in your staff, you wouldn’t hold a seminar on Smoking Cessation, right? When choosing lunch and learn ideas, take your corporate culture into account. Consider crowd-sourcing some topics from your staff, or asking them to vote on a few of your top picks.
  • Interact: You don’t want your employees to feel like they’re just being lectured. Make sure your lunch and learn presentation has some interactive components. Include a discussion time, or a Q&A period afterwards. You want your staff to leave the presentation feeling they’ve had their questions answered.
  • Be Practical: A successful lunch and learn doesn’t just throw vague advice at its attendees – it provides them with targeted, actionable steps towards improving their health. For example, if your office is located along a busy freeway, don’t preach the benefits of biking to work! That will simply leave your employees feeling discouraged.

With these valuable lunch and learn ideas at your disposal, your next presentation is sure to entertain and engage. For help organizing your lunch and learn, simply give Wellworks for You a call today!