Energize Your Wellness Program With These Popular Lunch and Learn Activities!

Has participation in your wellness events been a little lackluster?

Maybe your corporate wellness program kicked off full of enthusiasm and packed conference rooms, but now attendance is becoming sparse. It’s ok – everything loses its shine after a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it back! Try giving your wellness program a little polish with one of these tried-and-true lunch and learn activities.

Top 3 Engaging Lunch & Learn Activities:

  • lunch and learn activitiesQuick, Healthy Meals: This might be the greatest lunch and learn idea ever. Hosting a healthy cooking class remains a favorite topic for obvious reasons – not only is it hands-on, but participants get to eat their creations at the end! Teach employees to prep and cook a fast, easy meal using readily-available healthy ingredients. Help your employees build a repertoire of go-to recipes by making this a recurring event. Don’t have a full kitchen in your workplace? No problem! These classes can easily be taught with just a table and a hot plate or two.  
  • Physical Activity at Work: It’s common for employees to feel like they’re caught in a Catch-22. They want to exercise regularly and stay healthy, but their job requires them to sit at a desk for the majority of the day! This lunch and learn activity strives to solve that problem. There are many exercises that can be done at a desk or around the office – teaching them to your staff will send the message that you are just as committed to their health as they are.
  • Stress Relief and Management: Most of us won’t be surprised that our jobs are also one of our top stressors – so doesn’t it make sense that we help our employees learn to manage and minimize that stress? Host a lunch and learn presentation that teaches yoga and breathing exercises, as well as mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Which of these lunch and learn activities are you most excited to bring to your workplace? For more information, or help implementing a corporate lunch and learn program, give Wellworks For You a call today!