According to many company managers and supervisors, one of the main reasons for not putting in the effort to enroll their businesses and employees in a wellness program is cost. Such programs are too expensive, some claim, and the financial investment to improve the overall health of workers, and thereby the company, simply cannot be done. To circumvent high price tags, we have compiled a series of low-cost wellness activities any employer can implement.

To prove that not all wellness activities come at a great cost, however, Wellworks For You condensed information from Moda Health’s list of 101 low-cost ideas for worksite wellness. The following list of low-cost wellness activities that you and your company’s employees can try, will provide insight into just how great the rewards of a wellness program for your company may be.

Low-Cost Wellness Activities for Any Budget

The following low-cost wellness activities for you and your employees to put into practice include a variety of wellness areas. These ideas will include both low-cost and no-cost options, and hopefully, you will be able to find a collection of wellness activities that everybody at your company will enjoy.

Physical Activity

  1. Map indoor and outdoor walking paths which are accessible to employees of various physical abilities. Measure and label the distances of these paths for employees to set and track walking goals.

  2. Encourage managers to hold “moving meetings,” and go on a walk when conversing with a small group of employees.

  3. Offer flexible lunch and break periods to encourage individual, buddy, or group walks.

Nutritionlow-cost wellness activities

  1. Ask your vending company to replace standard options with nutritious foods.

  2. Use vending machine commissions to fund workplace wellness activities or programs.

  3. Encourage employees to bring yogurt, fruits, nuts, and other healthy snacks to work.

Stress Management

  1. Encourage stress relief breaks; time for walking, meditation, stretching, or just closing the office door.

  2. Encourage laughter and humor to both reduce stress and build camaraderie at the workplace.

  3. Hold a secret pal drawing. Throughout the month, each employee is encouraged to do nice things for his or her secret pal, such as provide encouraging messages, or give the gift of a healthy treat.


  1. Reimburse employees for enrolling in smoking cessation programs.

  2. Provide educational materials for employees to see what they could do with the money they might save on tobacco products each year.

  3. Promote smoke-free buildings and meeting areas.

Program Support

  1. Hold contests for achieving health and wellness goals. Contests can be for individuals, inter-departmental competition, or management against employees.

  2. Provide incentives such as t-shirts, extra break time, paid lunch, or additional paid time off as prizes for meeting certain goals or winning competitions.

  3. Arrange for a healthcare provider to conduct a company-wide health risk assessment.

If you try just a few of these simple low-cost wellness activities, and love the results you’re seeing, feel free to contact Wellworks. They will make wellness work for your company, your employees, and you!