Looking For Wellness Programs At Work Ideas?

You have heard the benefits of wellness programs for businesses like yours, and now you want to turn those ideas into action.  What does it actually take to enact a successful program?  How can you ensure that employees actually participate for the long-term, rather than watching interest fizzle out after a week?  How can you track your return of investment?  When looking for wellness programs at work ideas like these, Wellworks for You can help.wellness programs at work ideas

Ensuring Engagement

Wellworks for You recognizes that for wellness programs at work, ideas are a great place to get started, but you need something to ensure the engagement and participation of employees. Instead of depending on gimmicky programs and an overload of advertising, Wellworks for You has taken a technological approach to keeping participants engaged.  With unique platforms, systems, and incentive management softwares, they are able to customize a program to fit your business and then provide continual feedback to keep you and your employees interested and involved.

Tracking Progress

When brainstorming wellness programs at work, ideas usually begin in the abstract.  We need an initiative to get people moving.  But if you simply ask people to move more often–perhaps take the stairs, or go for a walk on their lunch break–motivation might last a day or two, before the challenge slips people’s mind and the initiative fizzles.  Instead, you need a way for each person to continually see the specific progress they’re making.  A great example of this is the WellTrek Virtual Pedometer Challenge, which makes their walking goal both measurable and exciting with personalized tracking technology.

Seeing Success

As individual employees observe their own progress–and continue to be motivated by either individual or group challenges–you as the employer will begin to see positive changes and a definite return of investment.  Incentive tracking software makes it easy to observe corporate progress and to stay involved in the wellness goals and challenges of your employees.

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