Looking For The Wellness Program App That Works For You?

How do you organize, manage, and track your healthy habits as you strive toward wellness?  If you have been trying to keep track of your goals and progress strictly on a computer, you may have begun to realize some of the downsides of this method on its own.  Your physical activity, whether it is walking on a treadmill, running in the local park, or even participating in a dance class, typically takes you away from a computer.  By the time you return, you’re ready to shower, not log into a tracking program.  As the days and weeks go by, you may find your entries are intermittent and inaccurate.  What you need is a wellness program app for your smartphone.Wellness Program App

At Wellworks For You, we know that our own phones are never far from reach.  So, we aimed to create the best possible wellness program app, so that you can take your wellness planning and tracking with you wherever you go.  Our mobile app provides you with a wide variety of wellness programs right at your fingertips, seamlessly integrating all sorts of healthy practices into your busy life.  Some great features of the program include:

  • Track your weight and vitals
  • Use your phone as a pedometer & calorie tracker
  • Education videos and program documents
  • Status of a company incentive program or Wellness Challenge
  • Wellness journal
  • Work week meal plans and recipes
  • And many more

We believe that the key to a successful wellness program is engagement.  One of the best ways to provide that engagement is to make accountability consistent and accurate with a wellness app for your smartphone.  When you can check in on your phone and see a clear map of your progress, you will have the motivation and the tools you need to achieve all of your health and wellness goals.

To learn more about our wellness program app, contact us today at 1.800.425.4657.

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