Looking for Employee Wellness Program Ideas?

Once you have learned about the benefits of corporate wellness program, you’re definitely going to want to get your business involved.  However, hearing about a positive return of investment from successful programs is different from knowing how to make it work.  What makes some initiatives succeed while others fizzle?  How can you maximize your involvement and results?  If you are looking for answers to these questions, turn to Wellworks for You for the best employee wellness program ideas and systems.  employee wellness program ideas

Wellworks for You is a PA-based corporate wellness company dedicated to helping you and your employees live better.  They realize that the key to making employee wellness program ideas into successful realities is engagement; the more involved your employees are, they more return of investment they will see on an individual and corporate level.  Whether you have a specific idea in mind that you don’t know how to implement or are looking for a variety of options, Wellworks can help you and your business personalize a program that will fit your employees and company for the best possible results.

Successful employee wellness program ideas have a huge range of styles and levels of commitment.  For example, for a short-term introduction to corporate wellness, try a Corporate Lunch and Learn, which provides 30- to 60- minute on-site workshops about a range of topics from smoking cessation to stress management.  On the other end of the time spectrum, Pedometer Programs using Fitbit or Omron technology allow you to track your walking challenges for the long term.  Programs also vary based on group size.  You can reach everyone with important advice and health tips through newsletters and bulletins, while Know Your Number assessment can provide individualized health reports about employee’s disease risk.

Whether your business is large or small, Wellworks for You has programs available to personalize for an engaging and successful fit.  For more employee wellness program ideas, contact us today.

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