Achieving Work Life Balance - How to Live and Work Well

Balancing life and work is an ongoing struggle – how do you give 100% to your job and to your family and personal responsibilities?

Spoiler alert: you can’t.

First things first, stop feeling guilty for not attending every work party, or for being late to a PTA meeting. We’re only human, and real people can’t give 100% to every single thing they do. And there are ways to help balance your home life and work life, so that you can be happier (and less stressed) at both.

Top Tips on Living and Working Well:

  • Know the Rules: Learn your employer’s policies on flextime and working from home, and use them to your advantage. Make a case for being more productive in less time if you can work from home a couple of days a week.
  •  live and work wellIt’s OK to Say “No”: In today’s fast paced, highly competitive culture, we feel like we need to take on more and more responsibilities just to stay above water. But you will quickly burn out if you sign up for every school bake sale and head every new committee at work.
  • Let it Go: How do you balance life and work? You learn to not sweat the small stuff. So you didn’t make the bed this morning, or you forgot to reply to a coworker’s email until the next day. So what? Give yourself a break!
  • Take Some “You” Time: Our most important work life balance tip is to look out for number one – you. Avoid burnout by taking some time to appreciate the small things, and take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Prioritize healthy eating and exercise, and take a few minutes each day to read a book, or catch up with a friend. If you are consumed by stress from either work or home, you won’t be able to enjoy any aspect of your life.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your ideal work life balance will continuously evolve throughout your life. As a single professional, you will likely be able to easily devote more time and energy to your job, although you might want to tip the balance towards time with your spouse and children later. If you’d like to learn more about how you can live and work well, contact Wellworks For You today!