Did you know that 75% of costly chronic diseases derive from unhealthy levels in blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and tobacco use? Having a health risk assessment that not only evaluates but also identifies risk levels in these areas can help promote better health and wellness in the workplace. At Wellworks For You, we designed the Know Your Number® health assessment to specifically flag preventable diseases. Know Your Number encourages employees to hold themselves accountable for their health and gives employers direct benefits as a result of improved employee wellness.

Know Your Number and Get to Know Your Health

Know Your Number is much more than a health risk assessment. This tool reflects individuals’ overall health and lifestyle. As an evidenced-based assessment of the mostly costly, preventable chronic diseases—CHD, Diabetes, stroke, CHF, and lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer—Know Your Number provides:

  • Detailed Analytics
    Employee health risk data is available without needing to purchase expensive software or conduct time-consuming tests.
  • Comprehensive Statistical-Based Results
    Know Your Number takes into account age, gender and ethnicity while providing peer comparisons.
  • Full Graphic Results Display
    Employees can view their chronic-disease risk level with both a numerical value as well as a visual chart.
  • Powerful Educational Opportunities
    The evidence-based analytics methodology of Know Your Number generates an ample opportunity for continued employee education and health and wellness awareness.

Information Leads to Action, Then Transformation

By graphing the results for each disease and focusing on modifiable risk factors, the Know Your Number health risk assessment tool provides the
perfect avenue for both employees and employers to actively participate in their own health improvement. Empowering employees to understand how their health may be compromised gives them a push to get involved in workplace wellness programs.

Based on the Know Your Number results, employers can direct employees to solution-oriented wellness programs that include wellness challenges, nutritional and fitness tips within the fully-integrative Wellness Portal, and the opportunity to work with a health coach.

If you’d like to provide employees with the tools for successful health and wellness, reduce absenteeism, and improve healthcare costs and workplace morale, the Know Your Number assessment can help you accomplish all this and more..

To learn more about how Wellworks For You can help with implementing diverse and comprehensive wellness programs and services, please contact us any time at 800-425-4657.