Kickstart Your Summer With Fun Workplace Wellness Challenges

As summer comes into full swing, the good intentions of springtime wellness are often challenged. As temperatures rise, the idea of getting out there to exercise or make healthy meals can quickly become unappealing. However, with these fun workplace wellness challenges from Wellworks For You, you can embrace the changing season and wellness this summer.

Fresh Food Cook Off

workplace wellness challengesWhen the temperatures are soaring, the idea of standing over a stove cooking something gets less and less appealing. But don’t let become an excuse to turn back to packaged food or takeout for your employees. Instead, gather inspiration for cool and healthy meal options with a fresh food cook off. Experiment with new fruits or creative salad combinations! Not only will the friendly competition inspire new, healthy meal options, but it will also bring the office together for a fun and healthy activity.

Office Field Day

Who doesn’t remember school field days with great fondness? Embrace this blast from the past this summer with an afternoon of outdoor fitness. Plan a fun run around campus, yoga on the lawn, a company wide volleyball game, or other fun workplace wellness challenges. Everyone will enjoy the stress reduction and mood increase from the physical activity outdoors.  You can take this time to promote your ongoing wellness programs and challenges as well, when everyone is feeling good about getting fit!

Virtual Adventures

As many minds turn to summer vacations and adventures, offer your employees the chance to travel even farther with a virtual trek pedometer challenge. This technology allows participants the chance to take a virtual tour of fun locations like the Australian outback or Europe while on the treadmill at home or at the gym. The adventurous side of this program has made it one of the most popular workplace wellness challenges at Wellworks For You.

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