Is Walking Good For Weight Loss? 4 Ways to Make Walking Work for You

You may think that walking isn’t an intense enough activity to really promote weight loss. You may think that nothing short of intense workouts at the gym is sufficient for weight loss. Think again. If you are wondering “is walking good for weight loss?” Then the answer is–YES. Walking is a great way to get healthy and start losing weight. Let’s take a look at some ways to incorporate walking into your weight loss routine.

1. Walk frequently: One of the great things about walking for weight loss is that it is doable. What might seem like small steps can make a big difference. But frequency and regularity are important. Rather than making sporadic visits to the gym, instead focus on a gradual but steady increase in your weekly walking. Set goals, whether it be to walk 3 days out of the week, or a certain number of steps each day; determine your routine and stick with it.

 is walking good for weight loss2. Use a Pedometer: Using a pedometer is a great way to motivate yourself to walk more. This simple device keeps track of your daily steps and is a great way to help you integrate walking into your lifestyle. You can use it to help you meet your daily quota throughout the day, rather than needing to set aside time specifically for walking. You will find yourself picking the parking spots further away and taking the long way walking around the office. These little changes can go a long way.

3. Add Weights: While walking alone is a great way to lose weight, adding some resistance training to your walks will also help you stay toned as you lose weight. Try using ankle weights or incorporating interval training (alternate power walking and relaxed walking).

4. Find a Walking Buddy: Finding someone to accompany you in your walking routine is a huge motivator. Go for walks with a coworker during your lunch break, or catch up with a friend in the evening. If you are using a pedometer to track your steps throughout the day, then set up a friendly competition with friends or coworkers!

Walking is a great, low stress form of exercise that many people overlook as a great means of weight loss. To learn more about walking for weight loss, pedometers, or weight loss routines, check out the great info and services provided by Wellworks For You or call 1-800-425-4657