Is Corporate Wellness A Part of Your Group Health Benefits?

As the new year approaches, now is a great time to think about health and wellness in your workplace.  Even as individual employees make resolutions and goals related to health and wellness, take some time to think about your company’s group health benefits as a health benefits

Are you taking a proactive approach to health and wellness this year?  Are you ready to assess your situation–including health risks and current challenges–and take steps to make positive changes?  When you and your coworkers are ready, Wellworks For You is here to help maximize your group health benefits with a corporate wellness program.

The group health benefits of corporate wellness programs can be amazing on physical, social, and financial levels.  As participants gain knowledge and begin to make positive changes in their lives–exercising more or eating healthy meals–they not only feel better in the present; they also make an investment in their future health.

Socially, corporate wellness programs can create a supportive and fun environment as participants encourage one another or even engage in friendly competition.  Plus, a proven benefit of healthy activities is increased focus, creativity, and positivity at work.

On a financial level, wellness programs show a great return on investment.  From decreased healthcare costs and absenteeism to increased productivity and employee loyalty, there are almost limitless benefits to making the investment in employees’ health.

Of course, the extent of your return on investment is dependent upon how engaging the program is.  At Wellworks For You, we realized that this was the key to a successful program and so we have built our corporate wellness platform to maximize engagement. So, whether you opt for a pedometer challenge, a health risk assessment, or corporate lunch and learns, you can have confidence that your program is optimized to ensure the results you need.

Make your new year great; contact Wellworks For You to start your corporate wellness program today!

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