Interested in Putting on a Corporate Health Fair?

Hosting a health fair is a great idea for any business. Businesses that currently have a wellness program underway are adding these events to their annual schedules, but any business can host a one and see positive results.

Health FairWellworks For You provides a wide range of services related to corporate wellness programs, one of which is planning health fair events for companies and businesses that wish to see their employee population become more educated and proactive about keeping their overall health in check. In fact, these events can even help employees move toward actions which could decrease health risk factors and increase overall wellness. Holding a health fair at your company isn’t hard when you have help from Wellworks For You! All you need to do is let us know when you’d like to host your event and we will take care of all of the logistics. Health and wellness fairs are a great way to get lots of beneficial information into the hands of your employees and even provide them with the opportunity to be treated to some health-related services at discounted prices.

Because of our many connections in the healthcare field, we are able to contact and arrange appearances from a variety of healthcare and wellness providers at your event. Many of these providers will provide a discounted services at a company health fair because they know it is also a good chance for publicity for their businesses.

A fair or health day doesn’t have to be an all day event – it can be as long or as short as you’d like, as big or as small as you prefer. Depending on the facilities you have available and the time you would like to hold it, Wellworks For You can discuss with you which vendors we would recommend. We have found that scheduling a health fair between the hours of 10AM and 2PM (if it is being held on a workday) is the most practical time of day.

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