Improving Corporate Wellness Nutrition with Wellworks For You

Companies that establish corporate wellness programs tend to cultivate employees that are more satisfied with their work experience and more likely to remain at the company for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, one often overlooked yet invaluable facet of any successful business health initiative is corporate wellness nutrition.  Because of the significant impact nutrition has on workplace productivity and mood, Wellworks For You has created our Lunch and Learns program to bring nutrition education and support to your business.

corporate-wellness-nutritionLunch & Learns are an integral, educational, and fun corporate wellness nutrition platform for any comprehensive wellness program. Lunch and Learns by Wellworks For You are 30 to 60 minute workshops on-site which maximize engagement through educational tools and interactive discussions. Each Lunch and Learn presenter is an accomplished health expert specializing in a particular field of health and wellness. Some of the presentation topics that may be covered include:

  • Good Fats vs. Bad Fats
  • Healthy Foods on the Go
  • Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs
  • Quick Healthy Meals
  • How to Prevent, Control or Eliminate Type II Diabetes
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Stretching Your Way to Good Health
  • Physical Activity at Work
  • Onsite Boot Camps and Programs
  • And more…

Wellworks understands that your company and its employees are unique from all the rest, and that successful corporate wellness nutrition depends on meaningful incentives.  That’s why Wellworks is committed to helping you create a wellness incentive program that is effective in meeting your specific needs. Our Results Now Incentive Management Platform manages employee participation in your corporate wellness program via:

  • Simple, user-friendly interactives – Every month, individual employees will receive a Results Now Wellness Report, which is a comprehensive overview of their performance in the wellness program components.
  • Leadership analytics – Each month, the Results Now Incentive Management Platform will generate a report to provide you with information regarding the overall ongoing success of the wellness program.

Wellness incentive initiatives have never been so effective and easy to use as the Wellworks For You corporate wellness nutrition and other services. Wellworks helps you to improve the health of your company by improving the health of its workers. Your company can also expect to enjoy great return on your investment in the long run via reduced costs of health care, workers compensation, and absenteeism.

Contact Wellworks today for a toll free consultation and begin planning the incentive program that will improve the wellness of your company, your employees, and you.

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