Try these methods to improve your office environment, holistically.

You’ve probably seen The Office. If you have, you probably got a kick (or at least a groan) out of Michael Scott’s frantic antics to keep control and improve office environment, totally oblivious to the fact that he is usually the root of the problem. It’s funny, but sometimes you want to just give him a nice one-two to put him back in line and make him quiet down, because, frankly, he makes life a living hell for his employees.

Real bosses aren’t that way, but real offices can still be depressing places. If you want to improve the office environment, you have to know that taking a piecemeal approach doesn’t work long-term. What will work? A holistic approach.

How To Improve Office Environments With A Holistic Approach

Spiritual: Meditation is proven to significantly lower stress and improve productivity. Offer a meditation room (not to be confused with a nap room). Make it light and airy; a quiet place that offers a retreat for workers from all faiths and walks of life to be able to come and pray or meditate.

improve office environmentMental: While a meditation room can go a long way towards improving workers’ mental states, consider also offering an employee assistance program. EAPs are great at helping solve work problems, but employees who are struggling with non-work-related issues can also come to an EAP counselor for advice or short-term counseling.

Physical: A healthy body is important to everyone. You can encourage healthy living practices with smoking cessation programs, onsite preventative screenings, health coaching, and incentive programs: all services offered by Wellworks For You. Helping employees engage and value their bodies as much as their minds helps them cultivate a holistic view of themselves and, hopefully, their co-workers as well, thereby improving office environment.

If your employees are struggling, fatigued, and stressed, you don’t need an expensive office environment assessment tool to tell you that you need to improve the office atmosphere. And if you still don’t quite know where to start, contact Wellworks For You, where employee health is number 1.