America’s workplaces are working toward improved health. Recent reports reveal that 89% of human resources managers believe their companies support employee health and wellness goals. Two-thirds of this study population agreed that, in the past five years, their company expanded health and wellness options in the workplace.

Across the nation, industry leaders are offering employees some of the best wellness programs and services to improve employee health. The result: happier and healthier employees, and healthcare cost savings for employers.

What Magic Recipe Produces the Improved Employee Health?

To craft the perfect souffle or meringue, a precise formula containing the right ingredients must be followed. The best wellness programs typically require some key components as well. At Wellworks For You, we continue to assess the specific attributes that make up the best wellness programs to improve employee health and wellness in the workplace. Here are some of the components that can help encourage employees to become active in employee wellness programs:

  • Varied Incentives

Some companies see great success by offering employees extra time off, additional paid vacation days, and paid gym memberships. To better understand what types of incentives are most desirable, send a short questionnaire to employees to get inspiration and narrow down your options.

  • Comprehensive Health Assessments

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Health risk assessments, such as the Wellworks For You Know Your Number Assessment, flag modifiable, chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Offering these risk assessments can help employees acquire the information they might not normally view as necessary. It can also provide a knowledge base of exactly what health modifications need to be made.

  • Results-Driven Health Coaching

Health coaching is becoming an increasingly higher commodity in the workplace. Personalized health coaching services offer employees guidance and a way to be accountable for their health goals. In addition to fitness and nutrition advice, certified health coaches can also provide suggestions on how to reduce stress and find ways to maintain a healthy work-home life balance.

  • Diverse Wellness Challenges and Activities

Wellness challenges and activities are beneficial to the workplace in several ways. Wellworks For You employee wellness challenges, for example, can be catered to individuals or teams. In addition to offering friendly competition and camaraderie that can boost employee morale, wellness challenges and activities can be easily incentivized.

  • Strong Leadership

Many causes, programs, and efforts are only as strong as their leaders. Employees are more inclined to get on board with employee wellness when higher management is actively involved. Whether participating in a wellness challenge or simply attending a health fair with employees, participating alongside everyone else is a show of good faith and leadership.

Five US Companies Recognized for Offering Wellness Perks

Some of the nation’s best wellness programs are going above and beyond to help improve employee health. Here are some chief examples:

  • PNC Living Well

This company offers incentivized wellness programs and biometric screenings. Employees can use “credits” as transferable dollars into health savings accounts (HSAs) or paychecks. As an added convenience, PNC Living Well also provides medical benefits with an online/over-the-phone component. This enables employees to get the care they need 24/7 without having to carve extra time to head to the doctor’s office.

  • Showtime Networks

Employees are eligible for free flu shots and wellness incentives, such as discounts on gym memberships. Showtime employees also have the option to take six weeks of full-paid parental leave with the choice of subsidized back-up daycare.

  • Asana

Employees here enjoy a plethora of wellness opportunities at work. From daily yoga offerings to free gym memberships to an in-house culinary team, Asana workers have it all. Even naps! Yes, the Asana facility comes equipped with actual nap rooms, in addition to spaces for meditation and breathing practices.

  • Google

On-site campus eateries at Google are packed full of nutritious meal options and snacks for employees to enjoy. Or, if preferable, employees can learn how to do their own healthy cooking by taking onsite culinary classes. There are also health services like chiropractors, fitness classes, and massage therapy on premises.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft’s wellness program comes with smoking cessation, weight management, and fitness resources. They offer health screenings for employees and their spouses. This company also has an incentive for employees to maintain their healthy lifestyles. Those who sign up for the “Stay Fit” reimbursement program have an opportunity to receive $800 toward the cost of a gym membership and additional fitness programs.

Where Can You Find More Corporate Wellness Program Examples?

At Wellworks For You, we specialize in creating workplace wellness programs that produce quantifiable results. Our wellness challenges, health risk assessments, online wellness portal, health coaching, and other resources are designed to not only improve employee health, but to also increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and boost workplace morale.

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