Improve Employee Health and Wellness with Wellworks For You

As a leadership figure within your company, you know that your company’s success depends heavily upon employee health and wellness. You may even already know that, in fact, employee absenteeism due to health problems costs the US economy approximately $153 billion in lost productivity, annually. With numbers like that, of course you want to do all in your power to improve employee health and wellness within your business or organization.employee health and wellness

Perhaps you have already gone so far as to initiate an employee health and wellness program for your company. Often enough, a business HR department will try to devise and run such a program in order to aid the entity as a whole through health awareness and activity. However, in many cases, these in-house company health and wellness programs just fall short.

The reason why so many HR departments or similar in-house bodies cannot maintain a program for employee health is simply because their infrastructure cannot support the needs of a successful health program. For instance, your employee demographics may benefit most from an on-site nursing event. However, typical HR departments simply do not have the healthcare industry contacts, event planning skills and experience, nor funding to handle the demand.

That is why, with Wellworks For You, you can rest assured that all of your company healthcare needs will be taken care of and accounted for. Instead of placing extra duty on your HR department, Wellworks For You already has the necessary infrastructure for building and maintaining a successful company health program. Additionally, in working with Wellworks For You, a specific Wellworks representative will be there to dedicate his or herself to the improvement of health in the employees of your company.

If you are interested in what Wellworks may have to offer you and your company, you can sign up for your risk-free Wellworks free trial today.

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